From the creator of the award winning urban theatrical productions Mama’s Girls and Forget Me Not that have had a unique impact on the way we view minority health such as Caregiving, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes comes one of the most anticipated urban theater productions showing the importance of why fathers should be in the lives of their sons it’s Garrett Davis’ Daddy’s Boys. 


Jessie known as Pops (Chris Ross) was always their for his 3 sons being a great provider or at least so he thought until he is faced with the last days of his life. Now that he has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer he wants to make things right with his sons but is it too late?


Jr. (Kenneth Pierce, Sr.) is bitter due to the fact that when Pops walked out on the family he had to be the man of the family to provide for his younger brothers while still preparing for college.

The middle boy Theadore aka Teddy (Alfred Clemonts) is struggling with his identity and being a dancer on broadway is not helping matters at all with his fathers old fashion views on manhood who does not understand why his son chose to be a dancer.


Meanwhile the baby boy, Charles (Robert Dartez Wright) is spoiled rotten taking advantage of his father to do what he wants and when he wants while hurting the very woman that loves him but he is too immature to see it.




Can Daddy’s Boys get it together and put the past behind them as their father deals with Prostate Cancer?


Gdavis Productions has done it again with yet another thought providing urban stage play that shows the struggle of black men as fathers, as business men and as ordinary black men from the view point of 3 different generations.


Daddy’s Boys has all of the trademarks Gdavis Production traits entertaining, hilarious, great sining and a message that will live with you forever. A must see for young men, fathers and women.

Daddy's Boys also features Karen Clark from Private Chambers, Deon Jones from Mindless Behavior, Davida Smith from Soul Sisters, KP Rice from The Lord Will Make a Way and Javon Bell From Forget Me Not.